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Over the years we have framed everything from strands of hair to huge Japanese kimonos – no request is too unusual for our team of framing experts! If you send us an email or bring your artwork in to our Surry Hills studio we can discuss the best way to proceed with your project.

Every job is completely different with costs varying greatly depending on the materials we choose and the nature of your artwork – the best way to get an accurate quote is to bring your artwork in to our studio for a free design consultation. Otherwise, we can give you a rough quote over the phone or email if you have an clear idea of what you require.

Yes! We work closely with several conservators in Sydney and can facilitate the conservation process on your behalf. Some artworks can be repaired in house by our professionally trained staff. We can advise you on the best way to proceed with your piece after assessing it in person at our Surry Hills studio.

Yes! In the meantime, try to avoid moving the picture or the glass too much as we often get images in that have been scratched or torn by shards of glass. We can remove the broken glass for you.

All work is done in-house at our Surry Hills workshop. The same people that design and take in your framing job will also be in the workshop crafting and assembling your frame on site.

We don’t do printing but can assist you with the process or organise printing on your behalf.

Yes. We can achieve virtually any finish and pride ourselves on being one of the most flexible and creative picture framers in Sydney.

We are an archival framer and will discuss the most suitable methods for preserving your artwork during your design consultation. Rest assured that the highest quality, archival materials such as museum quality 100% cotton rag matboards and 99% UV filtering conservation glass or acrylic will be used to ensure that your artwork will not be affected by damaging environmental factors. The importance of using quality, acid-free, archival materials can not be overstated as it is the single most essential factor in the long term protection of your artwork.

Yes! We have a professional hanging service available.

Whether you have one picture, a complex feature wall, or a 25 kg outdoor hanging artwork our hanging professionals can help you install your work securely. Hanging an image can be a lot more complicated than it at first seems – the correct fittings and tools, as well as an established knowledge of hanging conventions, can make the process significantly more effective and safe (for you and your artwork).

Yes! Enquire about our delivery and pick up service of small or large artworks. Don’t risk damaging your valuable artwork by transporting it without proper space, restraints and packing.

Yes! Bring in your artwork and we will give you a free 30 minute design consultation and quote. Our design team will help you to choose the perfect framing to suit your picture and home.


OR CALL (02) 9698 7731

    OR CALL (02) 9698 7731

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