Rick Carlino exhibition at .M Contemporary

We recently had the pleasure of framing a collection of stunning geometric works in pigmented epoxy-resin by Sydney artist Rick Carlino, currently on view at .M Contemporary in Darlinghurst, until April 4th. Created with layers of high-gloss pigmented epoxy resin, this new body of work offers a contemporary interpretation of the Modernist square. Rick’s exhibition continues to April 4th. Rick’s works for this exhibition were float-framed in simple, but elegant American White Oak float-frames, finished in a low sheen clear lacquer – a popular choice for modern, light-filled interiors. Where: .M Contemporary, 8/15-19 Boundary St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 For more […]

The Acme Wedge – Blackwood is back!

Acme Framing’s signature ‘wedge’ profile is once again available in Australian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon), fresh from the mill. Australian Blackwood is a fast-growing tree that lives up to 50 years, and is native to Tasmania and South Eastern Australia. It is a highly sought timbre with a grain that can range in colour from a deep reddish brown to grey or golden straw. The Blackwood version of our signature wedge frame has long been prized by our clients for its rich red-brown colour, and unique grain, that works beautifully for a wide range of artworks, bringing a uniquely Australian sensibility […]

Getting creative with Float‑frames

Originally developed for artworks painted or printed on canvas, float-frames (also known as floater-frames or tray-frames) create the impression that the artwork is floating inside the picture frame without touching it, allowing viewers to see the front of the work in its entirety. At Acme Framing we specialize in customised timbre frames including hand-stained and waxed finishes, as well as painted detailing and frame combinations (stacked-frames). Whilst usually plain in design, float-frame mouldings can also be ‘stacked’ with more ornate mouldings to create evoke a more historic aesthetic. Above are some examples of float-frames that have been ‘stacked’ (combined) with […]

Focus on family memorabilia: vintage photo collages…

It’s time to dig out those long-hidden vintage family photos and memorabilia hiding in shoe-boxes at the back of your wardrobe, and get them up on the wall! Framed conservation-grade family photo collages are a great way to showcase and preserve your family’s collection of vintage photos. Family photos provide a powerful and evocative focus for conversations with friends and relatives. Through these enigmatic images and objects we share stories about who we are and where we have come from. We recently reframed a beautiful set of prints from the collection of Acme Framing Director, Geoff Bracken. The v-groove detailing […]


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    OR CALL (02) 9698 7731

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